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  • V Type Mixer Checked by our Customer from Ecuador

    View: 103203/03/2020  

    Customer From Ecuador checking the V Type Mixer Before Delivery. 

        The structure of mixing barrel is unique. The mixing efficiency is high, no dead corner. The barrel is made of stainless steel and its internal surface is re-polished. The outside appearance is beautiful. The mixing is uniform, with wide application.

    1. The mixers are suitable for mixing those dry powdery and granular materials which have better flowability.

    2. It consists of two asymmetric barrels where the materials can move both longitudinally and transversely so that the mixing evenness can be higher.

    3. The mixers can be equipped with vacuum suction system with which materials can be sucked into the mixing barrels and mixed under sealing condition. There is no any driving mechanism inside the mixer so that it is very clean and meets the requirements of GMP.

    4. There is a mixing blades inside the barrel to stir the the inside materials as well. 


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