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  • Great Trial of Coconut Cream Vacuum Tray Dryer

    View: 135004/03/2020  

    Great Trial of Coconut Cream Vacuum Tray Dryer

    The Vacuum Tray Dryer is suitable for drying of thermal sensitive materials easily resolved, polymerized or deteriorated under higher temperature. Sterilization can be conducted prior to the drying process, during which no matter is allowed to enter the product. Static vacuum dryer eliminates the configuration damage of the drying materials, there fore widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals and foodstuff etc,.


    lMain Body/Vacuum chamber SS316 with heavy duty SS316 flange and stiffeners.

    lDoor SS316 (hemisphere shape) with heavy duty SS316 flange.

    lShelves Hollow Type pads SS316 with flow Baffles.

    lCondenser (Shell&tube) and Receiver in SS 304 with Isolation valve and Flow Glass in between to monitor condensation.

    lTrays (with out back folding) in SS316 rounded corners and edges.

    lExplosion Vent/Rupture Disc on vacuum chamber.

    lDigital Temperature Controller (FLP) with solenoid controlled Pneumatic operated valve at Hot Water inlet.

    lProvision for Validation Port on Body

    lDigital Temp., Indicator (FLP) at H.W. inlet & outlet.

    lDial type Vacuum gauge and Digital Temp., Indicator (FLP) in Vapor line.

    lPressure release valve in Steam line.

    lView Glass/Light glass provided on vacuum chamber Door, Body and Receiver.

    lSilicon transparent gasket for door.

    lNitrogen purging valve provided on Vacuum chamber.

    lVacuum break valve provided on vacuum chamber

    lDrain valve for Vacuum chamber and Receiver.

    lTemperature Accuracy : +- 2 to 3℃


    lHeating Shelfs unit movble system fitted on SS316 Trolley and SS304 external Trolley.

    lCondenser and Receiver in SS 316 instead of SS304.

    lInsulation on the vacuum chamber outer surface except door. The insulation is enclosed and covered with removable SS 304 panels

    lSkirting/Wall panel all along the body/vacuum chamber flange

    lHot water system (Steam heated) with tank (Insulated), SS304 Steam Radiator/Electrical heaters, Circulation pump with FLP Motor and controls.



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